Tatiana Aynbinder

Tatiana Aynbinder

Innovating Beauty

Are you looking to expand your dermatology practice? Do you want to develop a powerful brand for your services and products? Is your social media presence holding you back?

Tatiana has years of experience as an expert at developing top end skin care and dermatology marketing, outreach and business development. Tatiana currently writes about skin care for national publications, including Forbes and the Huffington Post. She continues to advise dermatologists in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica and across Los Angeles.

Take advantage of her years of experience working with some of the world’s best skin care companies, and advising some of the biggest stars, to change how you do business.

Services that Tatiana can provide include:

  • Dermatology business development
    Skin care product and service marketing consultation
  • Innovative product advertising and outreach
  • Viral social media
  • Brand ambassadorships
  • Affiliate marketing

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