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Fashion Shift Magazine HIBISCUS 2017

6 Easy Steps to Glowing Skin

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What are some dietary changes I can make to clear up my skin?

This article originally appeared in at this link: Maintaining clear skin takes a comprehensive approach. Sugar by itself does not cause Acne. However, acne has many culprits and seeing a dermatologist to assess your skin type and put you on a specific skin...
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In Addition To Other Health Benefits, Exercise Helps Prevent Acne

This article originally appeared in Forbes at this link: Exercise significantly improves your skin's complexion, specifically in controlling acne. There are a variety of reasons that contribute to breakouts. A leading factor is due to hormonal fluctuations within your...
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When’s The Best Time To Apply Your Products?

  This article originally appeared in at this link: Why is damp skin best for applying products? When perfecting your skincare routine, it’s essential to consider the best methods for applying products to your skin. Proper application helps to ensure...
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How To Best Layer Skin Care Products

This article originally appeared in at this link: Many factors contribute to the formation of acne. Learning what could be the cause of your acne breakouts allows you to take the proper prescriptive medications with the right active ingredients. Also, your...
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Does Eating Sugar Really Cause Acne?

This article originally appeared in at this link:   Sugar by itself does not cause acne per se. There are many reasons that acne can form and hormonal fluctuations in the body (hormonal acne) can be a significant factor for your breakouts. Acne has...
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About Tatiana

Tatiana’s writing on skin care has been featured in Forbes and the Huffington Post. She is a dermatology and beauty consultant with years of experience working with the world’s elite clientele in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. She’s an expert consultant  on the newest procedures, cutting edge trends, and the best products. Tatiana is already Quora’s top writer on beauty for 2017.

Through mentoring with one of the most successful professionals in the cosmetology & dermatology clinics of Beverly Hills, Tatiana leverages her technical expertise and knowledge of market trends to identify quality brands by that make women look and feel beautiful in this hyper competitive market.


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